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Name: Aki
Contact: [ profile] akibara
Other Characters: The Psiioniic

Character Name: Lauren Tanner
Age: 18
Species: Half-Elf
Canon: OC (Dungeons and Dragons: Forgotten Realms)
Canon Point: After Vorgansharax's takeover of Phlan (DDEX 1-14 Escape from Phlan)
Character Info:
❀ When Lauren is 10 years old his village is attacked by the undead. His mother dies protecting her younger son from the attack. Lauren's father tells him to take his younger brother and run. This is the last time Lauren sees his father alive.
❀ Towards the end of the attack, an enclave of druids appear. They protect the few remaining survivors, of which Lauren and Susan are among.
❀ After the battle the enclave offer to take Lauren and Susan to a nearby village where they may more easily find food and shelter. Lauren takes them up on their offer. Along the way Lauren grows close to an older human Druid named Teranes whom he has a deep respect for.
❀ After arriving in the new village Lauren begins working to earn food and shelter for him and his brother. When Susan's magic accidentally sets part of their home on fire Lauren realizes the danger in living among strangers. After talking things over with Teranes, Lauren decides to leave the village behind.
❀ Lauren and Susan begin to camp out in the forest, making a home for themselves in the wilderness. Lauren begins training to become a druid. He believes this will allow him to better protect his brother and help provide for them both.
❀ Lauren completes his training and Susan’s magic begins to rival that of an adult wizard. The two capably live in the forest fending for themselves for a number of years. Whenever they need goods they head to the nearby city of Phlan.
❀ Lauren and Susan become known as capable adventurers and are asked to go on many different missions by various citizens. On one such venture Lauren meets the human woman Cassyt, a Doomguide in training. The two date for a little over two months before Cassyt breaks things off to focus on her clerical duties.
❀ The Cult of Dragons takeover the city of Phlan, which becomes the domain of an ancient Green Dragon named Vorgansharax. During the uprising Aleyd and her fellow soldiers risk their lives acting as a distraction so that Lauren, amongst others, can rescue The Lord Regent. Cassyt agrees to go with Aleyd in order to perform the soldier's last rites should they fall. Although Lauren and Cassyt are no longer in a relationship together, he still cares for her and begs her not to participate in such a dangerous plan. She doesn't listen, saying this is her duty.
❀ Lauren and his group succeed in rescuing the Lord Regent and a few others. Later they learn that Cassyt has also survived and that Aleyd hasn't. Afterwards Susan and Lauren sneak back into the city to try and get as many people out of Phlan as possible.

Personality: Terminally shy, Lauren doesn't talk much to people he doesn't know well. He'd be quite happy to sit by and let other, more charismatic people, do the talking for the rest of his life. He hates being the center of attention and is willing to jump through quite a few hoops to avoid being noticed. To those who don't know him, this might make Lauren appear to be the "strong and silent" type. In reality Lauren is anything, but stoic. His face is expressive and he has a hard time hiding his feelings from others. Although he tries his best to remain calm and quiet in order to avoid attention, when it comes to things he cares about he can never manage to remain neutral. At times like these his feelings come through more in his actions than in his words, but sometimes his emotions even manage to overpower his intense shyness. When this happens he can't help, but speak up about his feelings. Of course, when he does speak he inevitably ends up saying things he regrets and his own embarrassment causes him to fall silent once more.

The reason for this shyness is not only a result of Lauren's natural personality, but also due to the circumstances surrounding his early childhood. Despite growing up in a loving family, as a child, Lauren was frequently bullied by his peers. As the only half-elf in an entirely human village Lauren always felt like ab outsider. He didn't fit in and so was the victim of verbal teasing, and at times physical aggression. These circumstances meant Lauren grew up with a rather low sense of self esteem. This only got worse after the birth of his younger brother and the discovery of his brother's magical talents, which meant that his parents spent more time focusing on Susan and less time focusing on him. As a child, Lauren learned that being noticed by his peers only lead to more teasing. If he spoke in front of the other children or tried to defend himself, his words were usually turned against him, causing things to get even worse. Of course while he's no longer a child, Lauren still has the same habits these days that he did as a kid. He feels that drawing attention to himself only draws attention to his inadequacies and as such hates being noticed.

Lauren doesn't realize that this reasoning is a poor reflection of reality. Although Lauren is a poor communicator and frequently anxious, he has other skills that make up for these shortcomings. Although his overthinking is a result of his anxiety it also means Lauren is a good planner and rarely goes into any situation unprepared. He thinks ahead, and by doing so manages to stay calm during combat when he really needs to. Having to care for his little brother for most of his life, Lauren is responsible and patient. He knows that kindness and understanding can get you further in the end than anger and harsh words. Although, when not dealing with children he isn't nearly as forgiving. Having felt like an outcast as a child, Lauren is accepting of others and their differences. His teacher has taught him the importance of keeping an open mind, and he has also learned how understanding others can help turn them to your side. He loves making people laugh and joking around with his brother and close friends. Most of all, he likes helping others and making people happy.

Racial Traits
☙ Because of his elven heritage Lauren can see in the dark up to 60 feet.
☙ He is also immune to magical sleep and it is more difficult to magically charm.

Druidic Abilities
☙ All druids learn a secret language known as Druidic. They are forbidden from teaching this language to outsiders.
☙ Lauren can transform into any medium sized air or sea creature or into a large land animal for up to one hour twice a day.
☙ Lauren can easily move through all types of terrain. Spikes and brambles move out of his way and bogs lend him safe passage.
☙ Lauren knows the lay of the land and can easily find food and water for himself and others.

Spells Known
☙ Lauren can prepare 13 spells each day for casting. Spell list here. Throughout the day he can only cast among those 13 he has prepared.
☙ Cantrips do not need to be prepared and can be cast multiple times a day.
☙ Ritual Spells can be cast unprepared at no cost, but it takes much longer to cast them.
☙ The amount of times he can cast prepared spells is determined by the power (or level) of the spell he casts.
   1. Lauren can cast a combined maximum of 4 level one spells per day.
   2. Lauren can cast a combined maximum of 3 level two spells per day.
   3. Lauren can cast a combined maximum of 3 level three spells per day.
   4. Lauren can cast a combined maximum of 2 level four spells per day.
   5. Lauren can only cast 1 level five spell per day.

Magic Alternative:
Considering this is not a tabletop game I'd like to propose this alternative list of his magical abilities.

1. The Elements - As a druid Lauren has some control over the elements of nature. He can summon gusts of wind, create small amounts of water, and start fires with his magic. While usually his control over these elements is small and brief, he can cause storms, earthquakes, or even make a wall of water. However, these bigger spells are limited to maybe one or two uses a day and only effects the environment in his immediate area.
2. Nature - Lauren also has some control over plants, he can make them grow quickly, communicate with them, or use them as a weapon. In battle his wooden weapons are made even stronger because of his connection to nature. However he can't make a tree grow from a seed to a giant oak in a day or anything ridiculous like that. He can however use trees to travel long distances by jumping from one tree to the next magically.
3. Enhancements - In addition to his curative abilities Lauren can also use his magic to strengthen his allies. With his magic he can give someone the ability to jump higher, run faster, enhance their senses, or increase their endurance. He can make someone's skin harder to pierce by giving it the semblance of bark or stone, or let them climb walls like an insect. Basically, if there exists an animal in nature with a certain ability, he can give that ability to someone else, but only temporarily.
4. Beasts - Lauren can communicate with animals, easily befriend them, command them, and use them to send messages. He can see through a willing creatures eyes, locate certain kinds of animals, and even summon specific ones should he have need of them.

Soul Colour: Navy Blue
Ideal Jobs: Animal Tamer, Nurse, Patrol
Relevant Experience: As a druid he has a lot of experience with animals. He has healing spells and knowledge of magical plant properties. He also has magic he can use to stop people from being butts and he is naturally inclined to protect people so he could serve as a patrol. Also he can turn into animals so he could be a performer, but he is cripplingly shy so that would be terrible for everyone.
Reason for Joining: He joins because Susan get's indebted to the carnival and like hell he is going to leave his brother behind. He'd make a contract to protect Susan or to somehow be less of a failure.

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