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It was finally time. After a year of training and studying by his Master's side he had finally proved himself ready and worthy to undergo the sacred rites. Tonight Lauren was going to be inducted into the Druid's secret order. He knew the words to speak, he'd practiced, but he had no idea what to expect. He was excited and anxious all at the same time. He felt sick to his stomach. This was the moment he had been working for and now it was finally here.

There was one problem, however. The ceremonies of the druids were a secret known only to them, and Susan, as an outsider, would not be allowed to go. The reason this was so problematic was because neither Susan nor Lauren had been without each other since the death of their parents two years before. Lauren was nervous at the thought of leaving his brother. He worried what Susan would do without him. Would he eat enough food? Drink enough water? Stay safe? He didn't like not knowing where his brother was, and he didn't like not knowing who he was with. Still, despite all his concerns, he could manage. Teacher had promised somebody strong and good would look after him, and so Lauren knew his worries were likely unfounded. No, now it was Susan who was proving to be the problem.

"I'm sorry I have to leave you behind." he murmurs, sitting on his sleeping furs, dressed in a simple white robe he had to put on for the ceremony.

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Susan had already fought and argued and refused to let Lauren go, and by this point he was quietly pouting and ignoring his brother. Of course he's only a child, and so his ignoring isn't the best in the world, and he often glances over to see what Lauren is doing, to see if he's paying attention to the fact that he's being ignored. But mostly he just sits there playing in the dirt on the ground in front of him, thinking to himself about how unfair this is.

Of course he was also scared, scared that something would happen and Lauren wouldn't come back. He didn't want that to happen, he needed Lauren, and that's really his biggest problem with him leaving for this stupid "initiation" thing. He didn't understand why Lauren couldn't stay here and never go do anything else, why he couldn't just do the things he'd been taught without some sort of thing he had to go to. It didn't make any sense, and Susan didn't like it.
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He finally looks at Lauren, looking pretty upset.

"I want to be with you..."
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"It's not fair, why can't I go with you!"
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"It's not fair...!" He turns away again, trying not to cry. Lauren didn't like it when he cried, so he was going to try not to.
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He doesn't say anything, and just wipes his eyes to try and keep from crying. He shakes his head though, not wanting Lauren to apologize, just wanting him to stay.
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Susan turns away from him, not wanting him to see him cry, but leans back against Lauren too.

"I love you too..."
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He's quiet a long moment, just leaning against Lauren.

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"...I wish I could go with you."
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"Then, you shouldn't go!"
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Susan is still upset himself and so he doesn't turn to his brother when he pulls away, not wanting him to see how upset he is. But when Lauren finally responds he's surprised and he turns to him wide-eyed, but seeming excited.

"Really? You won't go?"
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Susan's happy to hear him say it, really happy, but he realizes that Lauren's crying and it makes him frown. He didn't want Lauren to be sad, even if he really did want him to stay... He doesn't know what to do. He looks down at the ground, nervous.

"Did I make you sad?"
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Lauren might be saying no, but Susan can tell he's upset. He doesn't look at him, still looking down at the ground, starting to tear up again.
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Susan doesn't know what Lauren's thinking, but he doesn't like him being upset. He sniffles as he tries not to cry, and he finally scoots closer to Lauren again, laying his head against him. He doesn't know what to say or what to do, he just wants Lauren here and for things to be okay.

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